This was on the edge of the LaGuardia Airport landing strip 🙂

And so it begins…

My flight and uber ride were uneventful and very smooth! I slept the entirety of both flights! Plus I didn’t have to weigh my bags and I’m sure the one was more than 50 lbs. The lady just picked it up and gave me the tags and said to take it to the scanners. Thank you Jesus, cause at 5:30 in the morning I was not in the mood to open my suitcase in front of a bunch of strangers to repack and rearrange. (Plus think about it, putting the stuff in the smaller suitcase still means that stuff goes on the plane. Why does it matter what bag it’s in? And they don’t weigh passengers, I obviously weigh less than a full-grown man so just pretend that all that stuff is my weight as a full grown man! Just kidding… 😉 )

This is in the lobby of our dorms 🙂

So now onto the dancing, my 5 weeks with Joffrey is off to a great start!

I started off my morning with learning how to ride the subway to the studios! (It’s really simple!)

Here’s our stop! 

We had contemporary first thing, what a great way to start! It was fun, high-energy and so enjoyable! Second class was repertoire which consisted of another contemporary piece. This one was choreographed for a Swiss dance company and it was really fast. To give you an idea of just how fast our teacher told us “to expect out hair to fall out, blood to come out our ears and to cry…” He also told us he could  see the fear on our faces…I don’t really think he was joking either. (On the second part I mean!) There was a part of it where we jumped up in the air and landed loosely in the middle splits (not all the way cause you had to get out quickly!)…seriously and we did that in a single count.

Then came lunch. Enough said.

For the fourth class of the day we had ballet. Oh it was wonderful, there’s nothing like a good ballet class… 🙂 Our teacher was  Ceyhun Ozsoy. He’s really funny and a good teacher! He was also our teacher for pas de deux class. It was nice because we had nine guys in class, each with 2-3 girls each. (And my partner was taller than me! Although that’s not hard to achieve…) All in all, it was a very good start to my time with Joffrey! Oh, and here are some pictures of the view of our studio today! (Jealous yet? The studio is in Greenwich! Planning to go and explore!)

It was pouring by the time we left for the dorms. We all got drenched as we made our way back, it was a pretty good storm with thunder, lightning and a flood warning. (There was no floods, just giant puddles!)

Even though it was raining my new friend Katelin and I decided to explore. We made it to the Brooklyn Bridge, after a bit of  confusion about whether the bridge was reached by the “Uptown” subway or the, I can’t remember but basically the “Not-Uptown” subway. 😉

It was amazing. The view even though it was overcast was stunning. I can’t say much more than that so just look at these pictures I took…and edited a little bit. 🙂




This is my favorite shot! ❤

Something  really cool is that as we were heading back after walking over the bridge (and taking lots of pictures!) the sun started to come back out and since it was still raining there was a huge rainbow! It was a picture perfect moment, something I will always remember that’s for sure! Everyone was stopping to take pictures of it! (The cool thing too is that back in MI there was a rainbow by my house too! We had a “rainbow connection”! ❤ )

This picture doesn’t do it justice!

So there you have it! My first full day in NYC! Well this girl is headed to bed now, I am tired and yes I’m sore too! (The good kind of sore!) I promise to keep you all updated!

P.S. My dorm room is nice! I somehow ended up getting my own room, which is kinda nice, a little weird and kinda quiet but I’m putting it to good use! B\After all, I have a bathroom all to myself, small fridge/freezer, microwave, two sets of dresser drawers, a closet, and a desk. (And a bed of course!) My view is really good too, I can even see the Bridge!)

|| My view ||